“Anyone who has an opportunity to work with Ann will be truly blessed. She is a gifted therapist with a passion for helping people reach their potential.”

~ Keith Hochadel, PCC-S, LCDC III, SAP


“I came to Ann for help dealing with a sudden life-changing experience I felt I needed Professional help to work through. Ann’s approach to my situation has taught me how to take notice of what fuels my constant up and down emotions, what ‘triggers’ their spark and how to deal with them when they arise. Ann not only helps me to  “see” my emotions, but on a larger scale she is working toward making me a stronger individual….an individual whose goal is to recognize what is going on in my life and be equipped to handle whatever life throws at me….and still be ok!”



“On several occasions, Ann has provided group art therapy workshops for our cancer survivors. Patients appreciate the opportunity to express their creativity, possibly a new found creativity, in a safe, fun and encouraging environment. Ann guides the patients in these activities, yet provides them the freedom to express their own attitudes and emotions. Because of this, we look forward to having Ann in our calendar of events.”

~ Mike Uscio, Manager, Mount Carmel Cancer Services


My wonderful experience with Ann Naumoff

It’s sometimes hard to even admit to yourself that you need to talk to a professional about your problems. Then trying to find one you’re comfortable with and telling your inner most issues and problems to.

I knew I had a lot of pinned up emotions and problems that needed sort through. I had relationship issues and questions I just couldn’t answer for myself. Who can help me? Where do you start looking? The internet being the most logical place to start, I did a search on local physiologist. I then narrowed my search by location and which ones took insurance. Wow there was still a lot to choose from. I then decided I felt more comfortable talking with a female.

As I started to read all the different bios, I came across Ann’s. “Come in have a cup of coffee and let’s talk”. Being a coffee lover I felt there was a connection. I wrote a quick email to Ann giving a brief outline of what I wanted to talk about. Within 30 minutes, on a Sunday, Ann wrote back. That alone was very impressive to me.

Upon meeting Ann at my first session, I felt totally comfortable. She had coffee waiting and we started talking like we had known each other for years. Ann listens, and most important doesn’t judge. I was so comfortable opening up and discussing my relationships and marriage. Ann’s methods teach you to find your feelings, and more important why you are having these feelings. She helped me discover what was going on inside my head, and why. These methods and her teachings have helped me in everyday life.

My sessions with her have spread out now. But I still look forward to seeing and talking with her. I always leave with new knowledge.

If you have reached a point in your life that you think you need help, advice, or just someone to listen to you I Highly recommend Ann Naumoff. Keeping emotions or problems pinned up is unhealthy. Let Ann help you and discover how wonderful it is to be happy again. Go see her, have a cup of coffee and start enjoying life again

~M. D.


            It is with great pleasure that I share my experience with Ann and her care. I came into her office the first time full of trepidation. Largely due to the sequence of events that led me there, I was expecting a very punitive and judgmental ordeal. I envisioned sessions of rigorous questioning and probing my motives to find my flaws. Nothing could have been further from reality.

Ann welcomed me warmly and her focus was, from the very beginning, on my welfare. That is not to imply that she coddled me, she did not. In fact, one of her greatest strengths that I experienced was her ability to simultaneously advocate whole-heartedly for me and yet maintain a tension whereby she would challenge my beliefs and assumptions in a very gentle way. This has enabled me to expand my perspective and given me more freedom to choose how I relate to the events in my life.

Working with me is no easy task but Ann has done so with a combination of grace, humor and honesty. Hind sight being what it is, I’m certainly thankful I walked into her office that day and I am a better person because of it.

~D. S.