Depression and Trauma Therapy

Are you suffering from depression or feelings that are interfering with your every day activities?

Have you experienced a trauma either recently or in the past that is still affecting your life today?

There are so many options to help you through depression and / or trauma. I would love to help you.


Grief and Loss

Loss comes in many forms. Job loss, death of a loved one, losing a pet, friends moving on, kids moving out...

Grief is a normal and often painful process and can be confusing if you're not aware of what's going on.

If you're experiencing any kind of loss and suffer from feelings that are causing you difficulties in your life, I can help.


Women in Transition

Many changes affect women deeply.

Therapy and counseling can help you move through transitions in a meaningful and healthy way.

Are you experiencing a major change such as divorce, empty nest, taking care of an aging parent or a loss?

I can help you move through your transition with grace.