Everyone occasionally feels blue or sad.

Normally these feelings are short-lived and pass within a couple of days. If you have depression, it interferes with daily life and causes pain for you and those who around you.

Depression is a common but serious illness.

Many people with a depressive illness never seek treatment! If you feel you need help, please call me. There are so many options available for anyone experiencing mild to severe depression. Together we can find a solution perfect for you.

Trauma can cause multiple ongoing problems in your life.

Through caring and support I incorporate a method that reviews any trauma that you may have experienced in your past.

I believe trauma is defined as any experience that has adversely affected your life in the present and/or in the past. There is nothing too small.

These methods for healing are presented in a slow and nurturing manner.

Techniques are taught to you to allow you to learn how to calm yourself in times of possible anxiety. These techniques are used throughout the process of therapy providing a safe and nurturing environment to process the event or events that may have occurred. You are always in control of your treatment.

Feel free to contact me for a free 15 minute consultation to see if you feel I can help you.