Loss can take on all shapes, sizes and forms.

Loved ones: My father died last year. I am discovering how he affected my life and my family’s life as we move through grief.

Pets: I cannot imagine living without Ernie, my Jack Russell. But I know that some day he will not be with me. He is now 13 years old. Pet loss can affect us more than we ever thought that it could.

Change: I am now selling my childhood home. My parents lived in this house for 64 years. This icon of stability will soon be a thing of the past.

Other losses can affect us as well, the loss of children in our lives, whether they be our own children or are related to us in other ways. The loss of a marriage, possessions, a job, a dream, the loss of how you thought your life was in the present or in the past, then find out your perceptions and memories are changed by the more recently acquired facts.

Any loss that you are experiencing is reason for discussion and process.

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